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October 18, 2018

Dear Buyers There are some other companies which are using our web site images and products details etc even they are using our (TRIUNE) Catalogue/Price list. We want to clear that we do not have any other sister concern company, we are doing business with only one Name : TRIUNE TRADING COMPANY. So be aware from them. Thank you

Adult Steel Toys  Nipple & Breast Toys

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Product ID: TBJ-2117
Name: Nipple StiX
Size: 0 cm, 0 in
Weight: 0g
Material: Stainless Steel
Product Description

The nipple sticks made of stainless steel are approx. 8” long and are not only suitable for nipples, but also for the intimate areas and the tongue. These premium quality nipple sticks include rubber adjustment rings and rubber tipped ends for safety. Set includes 2 nipple sticks, but do not think they can only be used there - why not try them as clit sticks. Wherever you use them they make a fantastic bondage device for tit torture or clit pain. The rubber rings are designed to be moved quite easily but they will not slip by themselves. The initial pressure can be controlled by bending the sticks more or less open, so optimal adjustment of the desired pressure is always possible.


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